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Syd Barrett dies

Started by kmorse, Tue, 2006-07-11, 17:35:03

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I just saw this news item.
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Quote from: kmorse on Tue, 2006-07-11, 17:35:03
I just saw this news item.

Yes, Sad. Arnold Layne, was one of my favourite songs. It is so funny, I really loved all of their 60's stuff (and later stuff), but I guess i was into that music back then (THe Nice, Pink Floyd, etc) I still fire up0 Arnold Layne once in a while to fool all the yungen's , when they try to guess who the band is ;)

Rest in Peace, Sid.


Hmmm, I had to look that name up.... 60 years also isn't old, right...
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Yep, i've read it too. It was on the ehm...'teletekst' (sorry, don't know how to translate that.  :-\).
It was a rather short item though, only three lines and that was that.  :-\

Kind of the same way how he lived i guess.  :-\

Nevertheless it is quite sad. Can't say that i grew up with his music, being born in 1971, but Pink Floyd was an inspiration, music wise that is, in my life, so i was kinda shocked. Only sixty years of age...

May you rest in peace, Syd.
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Syd Barett... the crazy diamond.
Yes, sad news indeed. Not that I knew him well, or something. I never really listened to Floyd. But still, it's a musician who died. A musician that stood on the foundation of Prog.

Rest In Peace.