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2003-12-11 Colos-Saal, Aschaffenburg, D (Notes from the Past)

Started by Peter, Sat, 2005-01-29, 18:25:44

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Fri, 2003-12-12
After getting out of the office quite late (again!), I rushed from Karlsruhe to the Aschaffenburg gig on Wednesday. I made it just in time to hear the first beats of "Witch Hunt". The venue 'colos-saal' is a music club with a 10 metres wide stage and space for maybe 300 persons, which was two thirds full (OK, some math: how many people were there?). I made my way to a good position near the bar and close enough to the stage to have a good view.

The concert started with the shortened live version of "Contagion". The crowd took a while to get warm with the music, but by the time of "Cutting the Cards" everybody was jumping. Round 2 started with "Valley of the Kings" from "The Lion's Cage". "The Visitor" came with "A Crack In The Ice" and "Don't Forget to Breathe". John Mitchell had his say during "Serenity". "Immortal?" was represented by "Chosen" and "Butterfly Man". "Enemy Without" is the band's favourite end song, it seems, and the crowd honoured it with their voices. Maybe I forgot some.

For my taste it was a fantastic gig. With John Mitchell having some sort of funny neck problems and Clive categorizing a gig as "not being an ARENA-wish-hour" we also had a few good laughs, too. See you soon guys.

Arriving somewhere, but not here....


Sounds like a similar set list to Montreal..........we got Valley of the Kings as well, and also Waiting for the Flood (!) which was a nice surprise......I was just thinking of this because I picked up the Live and Life CD the other day (that it was available at all here in Vancouver is a minor miracle) and was thinking that maybe instead of including Jericho and Crying VII (they're available in one form or another lots of other places), maybe Valley and Flood would have been nice to have because they're not often played. But I'm not complaining :)  I love the sound on this CD: really rocks, especially Skin Game and Chosen.  Great stuff as always.


Just thinking of the full set list from the Montreal concert............first album we had "Valley of the Kings" and "Solomon", from the Visitor we had "Crack in the Ice", "Breathe", and "Enemy Without" (twice....once as an extra encore), from Immortal? we had "Chosen", "Waiting for the Flood", "Butterfly Man", and "Friday's Dream" (they did something different with Dream, but for the life of me I can't remember what it was.........)

Man these guys are buddy and I are already planning an overseas trip for the 10th anniversary tour... can't wait. Now I just have to get my hands on Pepper's Ghost (!) don't know what I'm missing!!!!


The more I think about it, the more I'm happy living in a country that enjoys rather regular visits by our heroes, and where it's never like a journey round the world to the nearest gig :) (Sorry Brian)

Where do you plan to go, UK, NL or even D?
Arriving somewhere, but not here....


Yes, Peter, you're lucky to be able to see the boys a little easier than us! I'm not sure how the trip will pan out, it will depend on flights and tour dates......but I really want to get in on this 10th anniversary tour. Can't wait!  ;D