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2003-04-07 Z7 Pratteln, CH (Notes from the past)

Started by Peter, Sat, 2005-01-29, 18:23:24

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Tue, 2003-04-08
Last night I saw the gig at the Z7 in Pratteln/Suisse (near Basel). My best friend Thorsten and I actually had to do a 200km trip to the concert hall. We took off at 18.30, delayed because Thorsten couldn't make it earlier from the office. On the way we had to overcome minor obstacles, like traffic jams and undecipherable suisse traffic signs. But we were in time to see the guys from Pendragon do 'All you need is Love' with the support of a bass man, who I believe to be a member of the Arena crew.
Arena did a fantastic show, the sound was superb and the two multimedia screens were a nice eyecatcher. At the substage in Karlsruhe the stage had been too small: they had one of them set up but you could hardly see anything.
In my opinion the crowd was a bit 'lame': the warm-up until the reactions became a bit warmer actually took 2/3 of the whole show. But I felt fantastic, singing along the Contagion lyrics, which I now know almost completely.
After the show, we waited until our 'heroes' came out, to have a little chat here and there, take a few photos and give autographs (some of them can be seen on the galleries page.
Waking up today was a hard thing to do, after only 4 hours of sleep or so. But what wouldn't one do.... ;-)

Arriving somewhere, but not here....


Damn that was a cool thing, wasn't it ??!!
You forgot to tell, why we went to Pratteln, though it was not originally planned to  ;)
Yeah me and time scheduling  ;D
too bad, we won't be able to repeat that this time. Though I've just checked May 7th...maybe maybe I am there....but let's double and triplecheck first ok ?
If not, I expect a full report and the usual autographed CD/ Shirt, ok ??

....and if you go to see the guys in Pratteln...don't forget to pay a courtesy visit to Rotzinger.... ;D


Arriving somewhere, but not here....


I was there at that gig. Soooooo nice ! :)

But hey ! I've been going through the new program, and Z7 is not in there. I hope it will be added later on !