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I'm shattered!

Started by kochie, Sat, 2005-01-29, 20:51:57

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PG is a true masterpiece! I agree with some other people out here that is is the best after The Visitor, if not THE best of all (which is quite difficult with so many top-albums!).

What blows me away completely is the second half of Shattered Room.  :o :o :o

Always liked the harder edge of rock/metal, with bands like Dream Theater and Symphony X, so the new harder edge is perfect to me!

Mick's drummings also is worth mentioning on this album. Being a drummer myself, i tend to listend to the drumparts more careful. He learned or just played some nice tricks on this album!

Anyway, hope to see them soon on the road in Holland.

Take care,


I've just ordered it, have to wait a week but, the joy of living in OZ. But after reading the reviews on this forum it'll definatly be worth the wait


I can't but totally agree with Kochie. Being also a drummer, I much appreciated of the refined sound of the drums on Pepper's Ghost, as well as the double-pedal drum bass. It adds real power to the songs ! Thank you Mick !

Shattered Room is very very good, yes, especially at the end. The whole song takes off !!! But my heart still beats for opera fanatica : the drumming is also exceptionnal, as well as the duettos guitar-keys, and - don't forget it - a masterpiece for the bass too !!! To my point of view, it's a very "complete" song.

Bye !


I can only agree with everybody on the mastership of instruments being played on PG. But tell me something, drummers: I often read about but could never hear any problems in Mick's drum playing anyway. Are there any obvious pieces where it is not perfect?
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Personnally, I was less bothered by Mick's drumming than by the sound of the drums itself on about all the previous albums but Contagion. To my point of view, Mick's drumming is quite simple, but precise and rich. The new drums' sound on PG is clearer (there's a better distinction between the toms, the bass drum, the snare drum, etc.), more profound (toms sound much better) and lighter (charleys and snare drums have a clear sound). Also, the way Mick plays the drums on PG makes the percussions a real - how could I say that in english ? - a real "mover", when on previous albums, the drums were more there to give the beat.

Well, that's the way I see it personnaly. Now, others may disagree, that's just as fine !  ;D

Bye !

PS: sorry if some words are wrong, or whatever, I'm french spaking so... I could explain it better in french, if you will. ;)


Well, my impression as a not-musician (except for my singing and learning guitar now) is, that the Arena albums are so good, because everything fits together perfectly. I never had to criticize anything. I just love it :)
Thanx, SwissCow, for your impression.
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I would have to second your impression of Arena's music. I'm not a professional musician, just a shower singer, but I listen to all kinds of music from Bach and Vivaldi to contemporary rock, blues and jazz and there's something about the craftsmanship of Arena's music that just gets to me. I tend to to listen the heck out of an album for a while and then it can disappear from my rotation for months or years. But since discovering Arena only last year, I can't get this stuff out of my CD player or my head.

Thanks to all in the band for providing such great entertainment. It's not a cure for cancer, but it sure is nice to listen to.
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Believe me, I wish it was a cure for cancer! That would certainly give us even more driving force!!
Arena songs are prepared slowly and carefully in a studio environment. I think this is why there are so many details. Some bands create their songs by 'jamming' until it sounds the way they want it to, but that probably means that each individual is only properly aware of what he or she is doing. The real magic is in the interaction between the musicians and the parts.
Details are incredibly important to us when we write these songs...  :)


Well, the fact that your guys (Arena) spend so much time on refining your music is easily heard on the CD's ! It's in a general sense very well done (though I've complaining a little bit about the drums until Contagion). And like others who have spoken here, Arena is the only music I'm listening to lately - at least, it's the only one I can listen to, over, and over again, without getting tired and still find much pleasure after a the 91st time !

Your last message, Clive, brings another one - that could be put actually in the "talk to the band" section : what is your writing process ? Who starts ? Who's the most active in the writing process ? Do you start by the lyrics, the music ? etc.

Should I start a new topic if these questions may be answered ? :P

Bye !


Quote from: SwissCow on Mon, 2005-01-31, 21:21:14
Personnally, I was less bothered by Mick's drumming than by the sound of the drums itself on about all the previous albums but Contagion.

I had something similar in mind, but maybe more restricted: there's something in "Double Vision" drums that sounds strange to me... as if I was expecting something different at that point of the song. As you said, it's not something wrong (I'm not a drummer so I don't know much about it, but at least it doesn't seem wrong at all :P) - it's just the sound. Anyway, each time I think on how it could have sounded differently I end up with vague ideas that doesn't fit in the song.
Appart form that, I always liked Arena's sound (actually, sounds), there's something magnetic in it. Particulary, I love The Visitor guitars, Contagion bass, and every single little "noise" in an all time masterpice: Moviedrome. I like many bands with grat melodies but "too something" when it comes down to "orchestration"[1]. Arena is not the case ;)

[1]Dictionary word, don't know if using it corectly :P But I guess you get the idea...
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Quote from: Gollum on Tue, 2005-02-01, 13:19:41... something in "Double Vision" drums

What do you mean, 'Double Vision'?
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Mmm... If I want to name the song called Double Vision, should I use ' intead of "?
Well, in any case, I'm talking about track number 3 from The Visitor ;)
La vergüenza de haber sido y el dolor de ya no ser


eek, my fault *duck*  :-[
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You looked about as picky as me, there, Peter! ;D