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Choir in Painted Man

Started by jeffMc, Thu, 2006-03-02, 23:47:12

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I assume you are playing sampled choir, and not voice generated. Is does not sound like sampled Mellotron. The only choir I
have equated it to, is the stuff they use on Donald Trump's Apprentice's theme song, here in the states. Is it a specific sample?
Did it come with the Korg, or is it off a vintage head?

FWIW, that choir bit in the beginning of Painted Man is just great.

Cheers and thanks in advance.



I know this question was directed at Clive, but I thought I'd throw my five penneth in anyway...

The choir you are hearing is actually a Korg sound.  I find that any keyboard 'choir' sound can be made additionally realistic by playing within a certain range on the keyboard.
...Is this just a dream I'm in?

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Ah so it is the Korg choir. The choir I use is generated from a voice bank, but sounds ok with in the center of the manual.
However, it is not as "robust" as I would like.

Time for a Triton, I imagine ;)