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Does ANYONE have some more Arena Tabs??

Started by joost, Thu, 2006-01-12, 12:58:59

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Quote from: The Butterfly Man on Thu, 2009-03-26, 17:33:50
Did you know that Witch Hunt is played in a dropped C tuning (CGCFAd)? The intro and verses are actually very easy to play this way:

C--0--0--3--0--0--3--0----      And so on...

Maybe I'll post the rest of the song later (minus the solo, cause although I can play it, it's a hell to transcribe!).


Hey Tom, maybe you can make a video of you playing this song and post it on YouTube.
I'm sure some people (me included) would like it! :)

Draco chimera

Yes, it would be a very good thing ! Sorry for the tab, I wrote it quicly without listening to the song.
Let your conscience decide !


Here you have the Medusa guitar pro not exactly the sound or the notes but is an aprox...
here you have the link
i do the tab two days ago with other fanatic of Arena, that is my cousin...