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Any US Dates other than Rosfest?

Started by kmorse, Sat, 2005-02-05, 17:38:24

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Pennsylvania's a long way from Colorado.

I know that time and expense are always the big considerations.

There's actually a "Colorado Progressive Rock Society" based here in Denver. Maybe they could help sponsor a date.

But I understand you need more than one U.S. date to make it all worthwhile.
I'm falling.....Falling down again!


We're always ready to hear ideas...  :)


I'm definately curious and interested as well! I've been a huge Arena fan since the early times the first Cd came out, and have followed them since. I know they at least hit Montreal, which is cool, although 9 hours away :) But always interested to hear aside of the one single date if there are more? I've heard stories about how difficult it is for prog bands to do US gigs, as well as the financial burden. I've seen Saga four times in Canada, and they haven't done a US date since the 80's. It's sad, but I can understand, but doesn't stop me from wanting to hear more info about potential dates?

Hey, here's an idea (GRIN) maybe an opening slot for Marillion :)



I can't see Marillion voting for that!