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Re: Ayreon / DT / PT dislike

Started by Appelmoes??, Thu, 2005-08-18, 19:22:08

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Quote from: Moonloop on Tue, 2005-08-30, 08:53:50
That was probably an early Classic Rock interview where he slagged off the 'neo-prog' movement in general as being generic and formulaic (or something like that). What he didn't do though was name specific bands - the mag "helpfully" inserted some (Arena included) so readers would have some indication what type of music he was on about. SW wrote to the mag complaining and they printed his letter with an apology for miss-quoting him.

Agree though, he is a bit too opinionated at times  :D

This is indeed the article that I referred to.  Regarding the whole 'misquote' thing though, and without having spoken to the parties involved, I am afraid I have always had my dounts about this.  I always felt SW probably did make the comments but regreted it after the event and the magazine supported his retraction - we will never know for sure.  One thing I am sure of however is that SW has done his fair share of criticising others in the past  and had he been more diplomatic from the start the 'misuderstanding' would never have occurred.  Musicians, and fans for that matter, should perhaps try a little harder to concentrate on the positives rather than the negatives. 

.....  despite all of the above and I still love PT's music!!!!


I'm glad people like Simon & Garfunkel. They're good! :)
...Is this just a dream I'm in?

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Quote from: keyboardistmatt on Sun, 2005-09-04, 13:11:17
I'm glad people like Simon & Garfunkel. They're good! :)

Don't get me started on this sub topic .... I refuse to be drawn ;)