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"The Ricochet" vs "Ricocher"

Started by Peter, Sun, 2005-05-15, 10:31:47

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Hi all,

at the Arena gig in Aschaffenburg I saw a guy with a tour T-Shirt, carrying the logo of the Band 'Ricocher'.

I was a bit startled, as I had never heard of this band before, but its name is so similar to the word that I use for the forum domain. They seem to come from the Netherlands. I don't know anything about their popularity.

Also, the word "ricochet" isn't very much Arena related, only on second or third thought, unless Arena decide to do a song called "Ricochet" in the future ;)

What I'd like to know of you guys is (and please, I want as many opinions on this as possible):

Do you think that we should use another domain name for this forum because of these findings?
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I think that would be a great idea.... :)
When you first contacted me, I thought you might have been connected to the band... ;) It might make sense to take a name which is a little more 'Arena' in nature.... The Shattered Room for example (Considering the many different opinions floating around...)


Now we just have a beautiful logo for the forum, the name has to be changed ;)? No, seriously, I always wondered what 'the Ricochet' had to do with Arena. Something like 'Shattered room' or with 'Cage' would be fine, but that is the name of the fanclub. Ehhhhhh 'Arena Fanatica' :D.
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The name shouldn't really be too long, I think. I'm trying to find something at the moment crawling through the lyrics to find something catchy.

"Moviedrome" is such a word f.e., but it will surely attract hundreds of guys who only think that we sell illegal movie copies or so ... ;)
A good idea may also be something simpler, f.e. "arenaforum" or so. Keep the ideas coming, guys.

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"The Revolving-Door Philosophy" is perhaps too long...

I'll go with "Salted Poltergeist", in honour of a previous post...and because it won't 'wrong-foot' Google...

Sadly, Rick O'Shea might lead this forum onto M16's "watch-list"  for South Amargh...
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I agree, I laways thought the name was a bit strange. Personally, I think it has a strong Marillion association.

"The Shattered Room" is interesting, maybe someting tongue in cheek (Smoke and Windows, sorry Mac-users) would be nice.....

Climbing The Net, Ghosts in the Firewall or Caught in the Web would be very Arena related.

Cyber-Cage is another one that comes to mind.


I think it best to avoid anything with 'Web' in the title .... a bit too Marillion oriented.

The Shattered Room has a good ring to it and it certainly gets my vote!  Nice One!!!!


Sorry, I meant: Caught in the Net, but now I realise that the actual title for the DVD was Caught in the Act, so it doesn't make any sense anyway....

Since it was Clive who suggested, I think we should go for The Shattered Room....



Shattered Room sounds great!
Or maybe City of Lanterns...

(Or: This way Madness lies :P)
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Hi Peter,

I'm sorry that I have to tell you this, but there is not only the Band Ricocher. There is also a Band 'Ricochet' from Hamburg!
Take a look at this ::)