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Favourite Arena Keyboardist

Started by Deenfan, Fri, 2005-03-18, 00:31:12

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Who is your favourite Arena keys'man?

Clive Nolan
25 (86.2%)
4 (13.8%)

Total Members Voted: 29


Thank You for the advice, maybe I will try The Jewel than.
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Constable Hogweed

Quote from: gelert on Tue, 2005-07-19, 18:27:10
The first, or the second one...?

Gotcha.  ;D

Smart move gelert. But as i was using present tense, it doesn't mean Rik Carter.  ;D



Quote from: Constable Hogweed on Wed, 2005-07-20, 12:28:59
Smart move gelert. But as i was using present tense, it doesn't mean Rik Carter.  ;D

Damn this English...

I'm going back to my native language of Latin...

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Clive rules of course. ;DStrange topic. :-\


Quote from: Sergey on Tue, 2008-01-29, 12:39:42
Strange topic. :-\

Trust me. There are a bit more of those in this Room.  ;)
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I haven't seen this topic yet.

Funny! :)

Clive is of course the best for Arena. I mean he IS Arena.
Of course there are more good keyboardists out there, but none would fit Arena.

For instance, I like Jerry Sahlin's (A.C.T) keyboard playing very much, but his happy playing wouldn't fit on an Arena album or vice versa. :D
Jordan Rudess is another example. He's good, but not like our Clive. The style is also VERY different of course. And Jordan likes himself too much. ;D
Jem Godfrey... nah... He's ok, he's an excellent songwriter by the way. And he can do the widdly widdly funny solo's, but it's not really emotional or anything.
Neal Morse is also a TOTALLY different way of playing.

I think the few that come close to Clive's playing are: Martin Orford (ex-IQ) and Richard West (Threshold).
But we must remember that Clive is not only an excellent keyboard player, he's also a brilliant lyricist. We cannot miss him in Arena.
I don't know what lyrics Widge can write, but Richard's lyrics are not in the same vein as Clive's.

Clive is unique.
Just like all those other keyboardplayers! ;D