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Started by erik, Thu, 2020-05-14, 20:49:40

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This was announced late 2019, but merits attention here at the forum too of course:

Clive: "I'm excited to announce that I have now completed the writing for the upcoming work that has been running under the name of 'The Viking Project'.

'Song of the Wildlands' will be a secular oratorio (to use a classical term), featuring orchestra, 100 voice choir, four solo singers, rock band and a plethora of what I like to call 'Viking Instruments'. I hope that this work will appeal to prog fans, classical fans, folk fans and many more.

This is not like anything I have written before. I was so inspired by this project that I was writing in a positive fever in any spare time I could find over the last couple of months, so despite my intention to embark on this at the start of the new year, the composition is already in the bag! This is, nevertheless, a big undertaking, and the plan is to record it during next year." [i.e. 2020]

Also, Clive has published his Pendragon Tour diary as a book, available at Amazon: This Is Not The Zombie Apocalypse!

"Planning and preparing for the Pendragon 'Love of Fear' tour had taken many, many months. Years in fact!

As we were rehearsing, it was most gratifying to see how these shows were fast selling out. This was going to be a great set of gigs!

Purely on a whim, I decided to keep a journal of my experiences on this upcoming tour. A good therapy for all the hanging around that comes with the territory.

Please do bear in mind that my ramblings are simply that - just some fairly tongue in cheek 'ramblings'. I'm not trying to make any big political statements. I'm not trying to change the world. I just wanted to 'ramble' a bit.

So far I haven't mentioned the elephant in the room, which is, of course, is the Corona Virus - Covid-19!

The dangers of this virus were still far enough away from us at the start of these dates. We were aware of it, but the hope was that either it would recede, or we would get through the dates before it really took any kind of hold. Well, that proved to be wrong and we were eventually forced to head home.

We had started to feel like we were knee deep in some science fiction, or horror film: watching this pandemic emerge, hazmat suits, gatherings banned, borders closing, panic buying.

Terrible though this Covid-19 situation is, I guess we can be glad that zombies are not actually roaming a decimated land with only a tiny percentage of remaining humans still fighting for survival. We will get through this, and slowly but surely normality will return.And so will Pendragon!

I hope you enjoy these 'tour blog ramblings' and please remember, however bad things may seem...

This is not the Zombie Apocalypse!"
We stare at our screens
All our lives
What a waste of eyes..


'I will surrender my heart to the sky
Oh, our love doesn't end here, it lives forever on the wings of time'
Toto - Wings of time (Kingdom of Desire)



Placed my pre-order a while ago, I am really looking forward to this big release coming in May!
We stare at our screens
All our lives
What a waste of eyes..


We stare at our screens
All our lives
What a waste of eyes..


Arriving somewhere, but not here....