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Interview Mick Pointer - Script Deluxe edition

Started by erik, Thu, 2020-05-14, 20:23:22

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We stare at our screens
All our lives
What a waste of eyes..


Cause of Injury: Lack of Adhesive Ducks.


Funny, to read that he's aiming to run 5 kilometres in 11 weeks. I'm not really on a challenge, but I'm also aiming to be able to run 5 kilometres in 10 weeks.
Although I'm not diagnosed with type 2 diabetes or anything, it wouldn't surprise me since I've gained weight in the past years and my condition is not that good. :) These exercises are making me feel so much better!

I hope Mick's doing well too.

Nice to read Mick's love for "Script...". It's part of his life of course.

I think it's very sad how Mick's always seen as the weaker part of Marillion back then. He still gets a lot of shit nowadays. I read it a lot that he's a weak drummer. Even to the point that people are saying that "Script..." or Arena's albums are unlistenable. Pathetic. I think it's nonsense! He may be no Gavin Harisson or whatever (but who is anyway?!) his drumming is as good as any other. Ian Mosley's drumming on the more recent Marillion albums are not 'better' than Mick's on the recent Arena albums. In fact I dare say I like Mick's drumming better. Not because he's better, but because Arena's music is much more adventurous than Marillion's. It's the music that counts.