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AVG Anti-Virus - some questions

Started by Xanxtuary, Sun, 2005-03-13, 12:29:03

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Both myself and Hogweed have AVG Anti-Virus running on our computers.  We have some files in our "virus vaults" which are trojan horse droppers and trojan horse clickers.  If we delete the contents of the "virus vault" where do the viruses go?  Are they restored back onto our systems, or are they sent to the recycle bin/deleted?  We want to empty the "virus vaults" but before doing so, need reassurance that the viruses won't go back onto our beloved computers.

Also, what are clickers and droppers?  I understand the basic principle of how a trojan horse works, but I've never heard of those terms before, so if anyone out there can shed more light on the subject, I'd be grateful.

(This is a rare serious post ... I don't normally do serious posts!)
Progpriestess Xanxtuary Hogweed


They just get eradicated...

I've been using AVG for about two years, alongside ZoneAlarm Pro...

Now up to v.7.0.308, and scanning email, alongside all other broadband activity.

And I always "delete" any trojans, worms etc almost as soon as they're identified...I check where they've been residing first, before eradication...I don't want to kill a previously working program or function (such as KaZaa)....!

Fortunately, I've had less than half-a-dozen or so "intruders" over the two years...and AVG scans daily, after its daily up-date.

Weekly scans by Spybot and Adaware SE, alongside permanent monitoring by PestPatrol (part of ZoneAlarm Pro), and Spyware Blaster, keep the old system fully disinfected...

So you can safely empty the virus vault at your leisure, in my experience.

Trojan "Droppers" are similar to an installer, but they only "drop" Trojans or backdoors.
Trojan "Clickers" redirect victim machines to specified websites or other Internet resources.

More at
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Constable Hogweed

Thanks for that Gelert. We can get rid of the pesky things now.  :)