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The Seventh Degree of Separation

Started by ahiru, Wed, 2012-02-08, 23:17:20

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hello cage fellas!
been a long time Arena fan, and to be quite honest I was hoping for more in their latest release, after 6 years I had my hopes way too high.

or maybe I'm just wrong!! I bought the digital download version, and thus.. no lyrics whatsoever  :-[  even though they are quite catchy and easy to listen-and-learn, English is not my first language and there are parts I can't quite tell "is fear" from "sphere" (figure of speech).

so could anybody hear me and help me out finding some lyrics or writing down for me at least? if that's asking too much, at least "What if?" bridge would be mostly appreciated!!
so, can anybody hear me?


I cannot imagine how my life would have to be before I bought an Arena album as a download only...

I love the album to pieces, and my sky high expectations were too low. I'm sure the lyrics will be available somewhere online, pretty soon if not already. The lyrics are especially brilliant this time. I connect more with them than before, although I've always appreciated them.

Good luck!


It was my only option... Where I live, Arena's CDs are only found via import (which is way too expensive than if I actually lived in the UK for instance), takes around 1 month to arrive and that's a no-go... Or bootleg CDs from Russia, which is half of the price but I don't like those for obvious reasons..
So, iTunes and Amazon's MP3 are my best friends in these cases.... I'd sure buy the actual CD, but lately digital download is my only option...
And the lyrics aren't around the web, not that I've found... maybe google is playing with me or something. All I could found was The Great Escape and The Tinder Box lyrics...
Anyways, thanks for the good luck..


You know your way around the web better than I do, it would seem, so I won't spend time trying to locate the lyrics. What I might have done, is to ship you a picture of the lyrics. Let's have that as a last solution, if you're not helped elsewhere.

But what if you bought the album from Amazon...? Check this out, not the worst price, I'd say:

Add postage, and you should have the album for a reasonable price, delivered to your door. I don't know if this is something you already have considered...?


scanned lyrics, that would be most appreciated... i'd even donate via paypal to you or whomever.
it's odd, since the album is out in november and there's no lyrics around the web yet.

you see, where i'm from there's a big cultural difference and politics involved. for instance, the item you cited:
from the amazon shop cart,

Items:   £8.33
Postage & Packing:   £3.58
Total before VAT:   £11.91

but our country charges 60% of imported products, so the 8.33 becomes around £13.32 (around £17 in total). converting our local currency, a regular buy-at-the-local-store CD is around £9. but we don't have Arena in our "regular" stores. i'd be paying like double and having a risk for it no to make it here or get lost in customs. it sucks, i know, i've bought CDs from and took like a month to arrive, with the jewel case kinda broken. even worse. i regret and started buying on itunes or the mp3s instead.

we do have online retailers that import, and, not a surprise here it costs around £36 converting the currency. that is, if i want to buy it here, from a local seller that's the price i'd be paying for a £8.33 album. not questioning its worth, heck if i didn't have iTunes or amazon's mp3 i'd pay (ten years ago i used to do that, like Ayreon's albums).
but i just got the album for £6.35 on itunes (USD$9.99) which is cheaper and more convenient for me (since i just drop the mp4s on my iphone).

and not that really matters, but my wage is around £550/month so it's not really wise for me to spend around £30 in a single album, if you know what i mean (of course i could simply save a couple of months). heck, our population is bound to pirate and download illegal stuff (really, most people earning so little and they charge so much for everything), i'm just glad i can buy music on itunes even though they call me dumb for "paying for free stuff" one could easily get around the net.

opportunity comes yes, my sis lives in the US, last visit she paid me, i bought Arena's DVDs (Smoke and Mirros and Caught in the Act) and she brought them to me. but it was either those or the albums, at that time i thought the shows were more important to have in a real disc, no regrets here.

anyways, sorry about the rant, i'm patient i'm sure [the lyrics] they'll  come up later.


Quote from: Iggy on Thu, 2012-02-16, 11:14:26
I put this in the wrong place  ::)

Try this

been there already, as you can see, only The Great Escape has lyrics. all the others are empty, and i found The Tinder Box lyrics on youtube...