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Rapture DVD

Started by frenchsting, Sun, 2013-03-24, 16:18:49

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Hi everyone,

I've reveived my dvd a few days ago. (I bought it via builtbyfrance web site)

It's a real plaisure to see the guys on stage playing the show i've seen at La Laiterie in Strasbourg. It make me remember of a great moment with a friend of mine Etienne. We enjoyed the show and I enjoy the dvd. :)

A bit sad to see that after so many years the band is not that famous to play in bigger venues... And still don't understand why. The music is great and the guys are great (always ready to sign booklet and chat with fans after the shows).

Funny thing to see Clive and John J singing very low...

So seat back, switch on the tv and the dvd. Push play, get the volume the higher you can and enjoy the rapture. ;)



I also received the dvd about a week ago. At last ...........

I had seen the show in Uden (Holland) in the beginning of 2012, I think. After the show Nick asked me what I thought about the new cd. I had to tell him that I hadn't heard it many times before the show and for that reason I couldn't say really what I thought about it ..... sometimes for me the music grows when I have heard it a few more times.
Nevertheless I had enjoyed the show a lot, was happy with the return of J.J. and was very pleased with Paul as the new singer (don't ever let this nice guy go!). For me he is more frontman than Rob was, and I just like his voice a lot. 

Since that evening I had the new cd almost non-stop in my cd-player and my enthousiasm for the songs grew everytime I heard them; I only mist the picture of that evening/concert.
With this dvd I can relive that evening again and for that reason it is as many times as possible in my dvd-player. I just love it and will treasure this concert for the rest of my life.

Thank you Arena for this masterpiece (cd and dvd) .... and for all the earlier cd's, dvd's and concerts.... I have seen you in 1995 and hope to be seen you for many years to come!