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Albums that finally click

Started by funkster, Mon, 2012-04-30, 10:55:30

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Have you ever struggled with a album for ages , left it and then at some point down the line .. hey presto , you finally get it.
Or ,an album you just do not like at all. Fast forward a few years and .. it eventually makes perfect sense.


I can remember purchasing By inheritance by Artillery after a fab review in Kerrang and after a few goes deciding nah , it is not Master of puppets so for that reason i am out.

20 plus years later and i am listening to those old thrash tunes of yesteryear and decide to give it another spin. And by jove what have i been missing !!! Riff after riff,melody,aggression , tunes and one hell of an album !

Which albums or albums ave finally clicked with you ? 


Great idea this thread, Funkster !

The first album that comes to my mind is Brave : it took me about 15 years to click ! Too dark, too slow, too staggered from previous albums. But finally the story and the music both touched me. Most of Marillion late albums haven't clicked neither yet, for different reasons  :P

Caamora' She is in the same case but I know that it can grow on me after several proper listens. The problem is to find the needed time and to pick on the shelf an album that you are not naturally attracted to after a disappointing first listen.

I noticed that headphones help a lot too, especially with quiet, intimist albums.


Artists and groups that become pantheon with me have to be very special. So usually when I encounter them first time, they puzzle me, I don't get'm. But great musicianship, originality, and excitement lead me on, and then one fine day: It clicks. And then I can't get'm outta my head, like  *horns*


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I had that with the Sylvan album 'Posthumous Silence'. Played it often but couldn't understand what all the fuss was about. After a few months I played it again and suddenly liked it very much, the click was there.
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Well, for starters Amor Vincit Omnia by Pure Reason Revolution.

After the very good The Dark Third release I really was anticipating this release, the follow up.
But nothing, really nothing could prepare me for what I was about to hear next.

This album sounded like eh... Depeche Mode, maybe. Or any other '80's synth-pop band with a lack of inspiration.

So I did, what I never ever do; I sold the album to an old colleague of mine.
I never sell albums, not even the ones I don't like, but this was the first.

The following however could come as a surprise to you but when I saw the cd/dvd combo at Mediamarkt in Utrecht, the Netherlands for a lousy 2 euro's, I couldn't resist myself and re-bought the album.

And guess what?

Can't explain it but I liked it!
I did! And I do!

Strange huh? ;)
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Gazpacho's - Tick Tock

I didn't get it at all. When I heard the Lorely concert it suddenly clicked. I often find that hearing the music live helps.