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Started by Teunis, Sat, 2012-06-30, 14:58:33

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Of course it's my subjective point of view, Paxi ;)

You don't think that your review of Fly From Here was subjective - "bit too long", "bored" ::)

- Nicky
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Quote from: PH on Mon, 2014-07-14, 18:30:52
Well, Nicky, that is a subjective matter of course. I know some who really like these albums.
Here's one  ;)
I'm not into musicals really, but She and especially Alchemy are marvellous for me. Seeing Alchemy live certainly helps to appreciate it more as it really comes to life then, but also the studio version and live box sets are gripping if you invest some time in it. Clive put a lot of effort in various themes that recur throughout the album, there's an interesting bonus feature about that in the box set actually. And the cast puts in fabulous performances. Brilliant stuff in my book (and not just mine, see the link to the DPRP review I posted before).
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I like musicals and am going to see Alchemy in London next month. Having seen a clip of it, I'm really excited about it. I enjoyed She and I know this one will be good too.


I went to see Alchemy yesterday and was totally blown away. It was amazing. The music was awesome, the cast looked and sounded great and I loved it. So many memorable performances, especially Clive, and then characters Gardelle, Amelia, Eva, Jagman and Jessamine. I really wish I had seen it more than once. Good story too and it was just a brilliant afternoon.


Glad you had a great time. I own the cd, but intend to buy the DVD. Works better live imo. Have the same experience with 'She'.
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I agree, but the current dvd is more like a recital but in costume I think. I have the cd and the benefit of having seen it so that is all I wanted. I'm hoping that maybe Caamora could do it again but I doubt it. Still, a new Arena album is much more important now