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Name of the Album and the Tour

Started by wagner, Sat, 2011-04-09, 16:56:07

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The next ARENA studio album release on the 1st November 2011 will be call "The Seventh degree of Separation"
Arena Tour 2011

The Seventh Degree of Separation Tour November 2011
4th Belgium-Verviers
5th Holland-Uden
6th Germany-Reichenbach
7th Poland-Wroclaw-Firlej
8th Poland-Warsaw-Progresja
9th Poland-Bydgoszcz-Kuznia
10th Poland-Katowice-Teatr Slaski
11th Germany-Aschaffenburg
12th Switzerland-Pratteln
14th Germany-Stuttgart-LKA-Longhorn
15th France-Paris-La Scene
16th France-Strasbourg-La laiterie Club
17th Germany-Lorsch-Musiktheater-Rex
18th Germany-Essen-Zeche Carl
19th Holland-Zoetermeer-Boerderij
27th England-Leamington Spa-The Assembly               

All Polish tickets will be available at:,,,,,
French tickets :  /   /
La Rose noire!


Wooohoooo, such great news! Looking eagerly forward to some live ARENA and the new album, for sure!
Arriving somewhere, but not here....


Ive booked my ticket for Leamington Spa. Im in London so it will be a bit of a trek but it will be worth it to see my beloved Arena. Just need to find a hotel now for the night.


More UK dates please !! Hows about The pacific in Birkenhead like Pendragon are playing in June