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Best albums of 2010

Started by funkster, Sun, 2011-01-02, 18:20:44

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In no particular order the albums by the following frothed my latte last year

Plan B
Dimmu Borgir
Iron Maiden
Pineapple Thief
Grand Magus

What about yourselves ?   


My favorite 2010 releases are:
Gazpacho - Missa Atropos
Anathema - We're Here Because We're Here
Lunatic Soul - Lunatic Soul II (White album)
Day Six - The Grand Design
Seventh Wonder - The Great Escape
Disperse -   Journey Through The Hidden Gardens
Carptree - Nymf
Steve Lukather - All's Well That Ends Well
Star One - Victims Of The Modern Age
The Lens - Regeneration
Darkwater - Where Stories End
'I will surrender my heart to the sky
Oh, our love doesn't end here, it lives forever on the wings of time'
Toto - Wings of time (Kingdom of Desire)

The Butterfly Man

I've given it some thought - although it's not exactly rocket sience ;) - and I think this is my top ten of (studio) albums released in 2010:

1: Avenged Sevenfold - Nightmare
2: Orphaned Land - The Never Ending Way Of ORwarriOR
3: Anathema - We're Here Because We're Here
4: Oceansize - Self Preserved While The Bodies Float Up
5: James Labrie - Static Impulse
6: Blaudzun - Seadrift Soundmachine
7: Demians - Mute
8: Mutiny Within - Mutiny Within
9: Kamelot - Poetry For The Poisoned
10: Spock's Beard - X

Other albums that I really enjoyed in 2010:

- Pure reason Revolution - Hammer And Anvil
- Alpha Rev - New Morning
- The Pineapple Thief - Someone Here Is Missing
- Jamiroquai - Rock Dust Light Star
- Pain Of Salvation - Road Salt One: Ivory
- Lunatic Soul - Lunatic Soul II
- Linkin Park - A Thousand Suns
- Kaura - That Which Defines Us
- I Am Kloot - Sky At Night
- Haken - Aquarius
- Gazpacho - Missa Atropos
- Echoes - Nature | Existence
- Coheed And Cambria - Year Of The Black Rainbow
- Birds Of Tokyo - Birds Of Tokyo
- Aspera - Ripples

Alright, I think that's it! :)

There will be white clouds beyond the hills...


Altho it's been difficult for me to get around the 2010 releases, due to financial restrictions, I'm pretty sure about the following three albums  *horns*

1.  Keep of Kalessin:  Reptilian
2.  Radiance:  Burning The Sun
3.  Haken:  Aquarius

I'm also pretty sure that, with some deeper listening, also takin you guys' descriptions into account, Kamelot's Poetry, Spock's Beard's X, and Anathema's We're Here would'v made it to my top ten  8)

Looks like we can await great albums from Arena, Dream Theater, Opeth, SyX, and Anubis Gate, in 2011  :)

So you've come of age
And so you want to meet God
Sure you can
He's right here next to me


I've not bought many albums in 2010, but I've listened to some.
Here are a few that I've heard and thought was nice (in no particular order this time):

Spock's Beard - X
It's good, but I think the selftitled album was a bit better, but still this is better than Octane, and even that one was really cool! I listened to Octane a lot last year. Check this one out!

Joe Satriani - Black Swans And Wormhole Wizards
Great instrumental guitar music. Love it!

Star One - Victims Of The Modern Age
How you'd expect it to sound. I think it could have been a bit better, but it's not really Prog per se.

Cloudkicker - Beacons
Really cool one-man 'band'. Big discovery. A big plus that you can download his entire discography too.

Kaipa - In The Wake Of Evolution
The best Kaipa album in a long time! Seriously, you should all check this one out, if you haven't already.

Edenbridge - Solitaire
Very predictable, but very nice nonetheless.

Paul Gilbert - Fuzz Universe
Can't listen too long to this, but it's still good.

Kyrbgrinder - Cold War Technology
A bit of a discovery for me. Drummer of Threshold is doing vocals here. And of course drums. A bit like Threshold, but still very different.

Sky Architect - Excavations Of The Mind
Great Dutch band.

Third Day - Move
Christian Rock band. Nothing Prog about it, but still very good.

TobyMac - Tonight
My little secret, since it's rap music. :-X But with a good dose of Rock on top of it. Very clever! Sometimes sounds like Frank Klepacki's music a lot (that's why I like it). It's with Christian lyrics too. So that's fine with me.

I also recommend checking out Tangram (his wife calls him Peter Fabok). It's not really progressive, not even rock. But it has some similarities with Jean Michel Jarre.
He has put out no less than five albums and one EP in 2010 alone. His 2011 album "Mos Quataer" is nice too.

You can download his entire discography (11 albums) by going to

I think it's the first Hungary 'band' on my playlist.
But I must say that it's not for everyone. To like this music you have to like Jean Michel Jarre and Vangelis kind of music.

As you can see, I broadened my horizons a bit. *horns*