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Special edition Contagion

Started by k9whovet, Sun, 2009-01-25, 19:12:17

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Hey, I am new to this and want to lnow if any of you know what the running order of the three Contagion lp/eps should be?
I've heard that there was a special edition available but can't find it i thought I'd do myself a playlist on itunes.....
Any helpers?

The Butterfly Man

Hi there, welcome! Here is the correct running order for the whole Contagion-project:

01 - Witch Hunt
02 - An Angel Falls
03 - Painted Man
04 - On The Edge Of Despair
05 - Vanishing Act
06 - The Hour Glass
07 - (This Way) Madness Lies
08 - Spectre At The Feast
09 - Never Ending Night
10 - Skin Game
11 - March Of Time
12 - Salamander
13 - On The Box
14 - Contagious
15 - Tsunami
16 - Bitter Harvest
17 - The City Of Lanterns
18 - Riding The Tide
19 - Mea Culpa
20 - I Spy
21 - Confrontation
22 - Cutting The Cards
23 - Ascension

There will be white clouds beyond the hills...


Hello! Welcome! :)

There's no special edition.
Only Contagion, and the two EP's: Contagious and Contagium.

There were plans for a Contagion: The Max, but those plans were cancelled.
Or at least not finished.


Draco chimera

Welcome to the Room !
The only special edition of Contagion is a digipack (not avalaible anymore), with two "boxes" to put the EP's in. But the playlist is the same as the simple edition.
Let your conscience decide !


Hey there, K9. Welcome to the Room.  ;)

You're up to date now i guess.  ;D

btw, i hope it won't stay with this minor one post.  ;)
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Does anyone know whether this will ever be released....last interview with Clive was that it was done and awaiting artwork (back in 2005)...anyone provide an update or is it forever dead!

Draco chimera

So far, no (at least no official) news about it.
Let your conscience decide !