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Best albums of 2016

Started by PH, Wed, 2017-01-18, 23:23:48

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OK, so, we're well into 2017 I guess. Anyone who knows what their favourites are?

Here's my ever changing list (The first four are pretty solid again):

1. (The) Neal Morse (Band) - "The Similitude Of A Dream"
I absolutely love the Neal Morse album. It's like a 'best of' album, with every aspect of Neal Morse present. Two hours are gone in what seems like minutes!
2. Big Big Train - "Folklore"
Big Big Train is again very high on the list. These guys are among the big ones today. I just don't understand why they aren't more popular here in the room. They have Nick D'Virgilio (ex-Spock's Beard) and Rikard Sjöblom (ex-Beardfish) as full members.
3. Frost* - "Falling Satellites"
The new Frost* is also a grower. I liked it at first listen, but it really opened up to me after a few listens. I think it's their best album to date, best of both worlds (these worlds being Milliontown and EIMA).
4. Haken - "Affinity"
I like where they are going. This band is BIG now! Really like the clever 'symbiotic' way of merging 80's sounds and (djent) metal.
5. Opeth - "Sorceress"
They're doing their best 70's Hard Rock imitation and it's really well done!

6. Circus Maximus - "Havoc"
7. Huis - "Neither In Heaven"
8. Karmakanic - "Dot"
9. Redemption - "The Art Of Loss"
10. Dream Theater - "The Astonishing"

I also have albums by Steven Wilson, Glass Hammer, Marillion, Fates Warning, Riverside, and Anderson/Stolt. Also, just got my copy of The Dear Hunter in the mailbox today. ;D While these have their (sometimes excellent) moments, overall, I get not as much enjoyment out of them. Or I just don't know them well enough yet. Still figuring it out.
Also, there are some bands that I have listened to on a regular basis, but don't have the physical copy yet: Kaipa DaCapo, Devin Townsend, Cirrus Bay, Radiohead and indeed Evership. Probably more, but can't think of them now. I'm mostly still in discovery phase with these as well.

So, in a few weeks, my top 10 could be very different. ;D

And 2017 seems to be a very interesting year too...


 8) PH. I was thinking of starting this topic, but I didn't make my list yet.

Nice list. The albums I was looking forward were (a bit) disappointing at first listening, but growed a lot (like NMB and Frost*).

Will post my list for sure, but have to think about it ...
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Oh, our love doesn't end here, it lives forever on the wings of time'
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Almost two weeks have passed and I think I should revisit my top 10.

1. (The) Neal Morse (Band) - "The Similitude Of A Dream" (1)
Neal and Co. remain on top position. I like this album from start to finish, which is exceptional for a double album!
2. The Dear Hunter - "Act V: Hymns With The Devil In Confessional" (-)
Yup! From nothing to number two. This album is soooo good! I found it very difficult to decide between this one and Big Big Train, but I keep coming back to this band more.
3. Big Big Train - "Folklore" (2)
The only reason that Big Big Train dropped down one place, is because The Dear Hunter is so catchy. BBT is still top quality! But more like 'pastoral' prog and not as 'in your face' as TDH.
4. Frost* - "Falling Satellites" (3)
Still behind BBT and before Haken. Nothing changed much. But haven't played it much in last two weeks either.
5. Evership - "Evership" (-)
Discovery number two. I'm going to buy this one as soon as I find out where.
6. Haken - "Affinity" (4)
Shifted two places down, because of TDH and Evership. Not because of the quality of Haken! Along with Circus Maximus, this is how I like my metal.
7. Circus Maximus - "Havoc" (6)
As you might have noticed. Opeth has dropped down in favour of Circus Maximus. Lately I've started listening to this album from start to finish and I'm really enjoying it!
8. Huis - "Neither In Heaven" (7)
Probably the only real Neo-Prog album in my top 10.
9. Opeth - "Sorceress" (5)
So, here is Opeth. Haven't listened to this album in the past two weeks. It's still pretty good 70s Hard Rock. But I guess it's not what I want from Opeth.
10. Cirrus Bay - "Places Unseen" (-)
Also new in this list is Cirrus Bay, effectively knocking down Karmakanic, Redemption and Dream Theater from the list. Very nice instrumental bits that take you to English countryside, which I like very much. As soon as I have it on CD, this might even end up higher.

In 2017 I think I'll focus more on discovering lesser known bands. Big Big Train once was a lesser known band.