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Any more UK gigs ? Cardiff ?

Started by niggly69, Tue, 2005-02-15, 22:17:44

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Hello to all - I am your newest member.Only just got online,so am quite new to this.Have all the albums,they keep getting better - Pepper's Ghost is amazing !!!
Now,I have never seen the band live,so how about coming to Cardiff in deepest South Wales.There is an amazing venue called The Point where the band would be perfect.I have seen Mostly Autumn and Fish there recently and it is a fantastic place - it is a converted church !!! It will also save me travelling to London in October !!! Can't wail for Contagion Max.Keep up the good work.


Sounds like an interesting venue..... it's always possible. Why don't you send some info to '' and we can look into it.  :)