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The Watch

Started by johninblack, Mon, 2007-10-29, 14:24:36

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Saw these guys Saturday evening and boy were they good! The technical prowess of these guys has to be seen to be believed. Probably the first time I've been at a gig where i've heard a sound and had to look round the whole band to work out where the sound came from!


Yeah, The Watch!

I like their album Vacuum, but Primitive isn't really doing it for me.
I'll check it out again to see if I was wrong. ;)

Good to see you had fun Johnny-my-boy.



I certainly did enjoy it very, very much and since I was driving I didn't touch a single drop of beer!

And this guy on the Chapman Stick was a one man orchestra. He plays bass notes with one hand (the six strings on the left) the other hand is free to play melody and this particular instrument has a midi pickup on these strings meaning he can make synth like sounds, and when he's busy playing melodys with both hands.....he has bass pedals, clever so and so.....