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Cool Site For Musicians To Upload Songs

Started by Constable Hogweed, Mon, 2007-09-03, 01:57:06

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Constable Hogweed

For all you musicians out there i have come across a really good site called "Showcase Your Music"
There is no limit as to how many songs you can upload ( a bit like Soundclick )
and there seems to be no limit as to the size of the song file, so you can upload all your epics without needing to compress or anything!

I have uploaded my instrumental "The Cycle Of Re-Occurrence" which lasts 41 minutes without having to compress it, so i thought i would put you guys in here onto this site!  :)    Hope to see some of you there  :)

Peace and Light


Hi Ian,

Thanks for sharing! I've been listening to your songs for the last hour or so... great stuff!  :)


Just one question - are there CDs available?


Quote from: bluepony on Wed, 2007-09-05, 08:28:06
Just one question - are there CDs available?

Yep, I'd PM him if I were you and he will send you the details.


D'oh! If I decided to use my brain one of these days I might have stumbled on this conclusion as well...

Good idea, John, thanks! :)