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Hot Prog Nations.

Started by johninblack, Fri, 2007-06-22, 22:36:32

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Over on his profile PH showed an interest in finding out where the bands came from in his CD collection.
I thought this called out for a topic to itself, so starting with PH's post we have.....

How many studio albums catogorized by country:
Sweden has given me 14 studio albums
UK has given me 32 studio albums
Netherlands has given me 3 studio albums
USA has given me 18 studio albums
Germany has given me 1 studio albums

1. United Kingdom (this is also Stiltskin (half UK half Germany), Blackfield (half UK half Israel), The Tangent (half UK half Sweden)
2. USA (this is also Transatlantic (half USA quarter UK quarter Sweden)
3. Sweden
4. Netherlands (this is also Stream Of Passion (half Netherlands half Mexico half Sweden)
5. Germany

So most of my albums come from the United Kingdom.

Prog is probably UK USA and Sweden 'cause nothing else comes even close.
Very interesting to see, if I say so myself. Grin


Now then, iv'e gone through my CD's and came up with......

UK - 216
USA - 105
Italy - 12
Australia - 11
Germany - 9
Norway - 7
Holland - 4
Finland - 2
Denmark - 2
France - !

This is CD's only and does not include Downloads.

It will be interesting to see the geographical make up of a few other peoples collections!


Hehehehe thanks Johnny!

Now it's your turn! And remember! Only Prog counts!
I haven't added Michael W. Smith, Frank Klepacki and my soundtracks to my list either.

Furthermore, it's about STUDIO ALBUMS, no collectors, no DVDs, no live. Just Prog Studio Albums.



I could add all my Punk Rock stuff.........

Another 250 ish for UK


I have about 800 CD's now (mainly collected over the past two years), so I'm not about to count them up with regard to countries.

I have pretty much the entire official catalogs of Floyd (+ sideprojects), Genesis, Yes, Queen, Zep, and the second half of the Beatles catalog. These groups were simply great, and (almost) all of their albums are still very listenable.

When it comes to contemporary prog, I have about four times as much American (US and Canada) music as British. The only British groups that really grip me are Arena and Robert Plant And The Strange Sensation, and in the second round Threshold, Porcupine Tree and IQ, while re American groups there are Dream Theater, Zero Hour, Tool, Redemption, Stride, Spock's Beard, Steve Vai, Michael Harris, Mars Volta, Chris Cornell, and in the second round Queensr├┐che, Stone Temple Pilots, Symphony X, Korn, Rush, and a number of other groups.

I have about 100 Swedish albums, whereof I particularly like those of Opeth, Dark Tranquillity, and A.C.T, and about 50 Norwegian albums, especially Circus Maximus, Pagan's Mind, and Spiral Architect.

After recently having been caught by Vanden Plas' Christ 0, I have particular focus on German groups, and I'm beginning to enjoy Dreamscape, Sieges Even, Sylvan, and RPWL.

So, with my preferences, there are several times more exciting American groups than British; and Germany, Sweden and Norway are quite even with regard to great prog. Of course, considering that Germany has several times the population of Sweden and Norway, the latter two are doing better.

Holland has Ayreon and Sun Caged.

Poland has Riverside.

Austria has Deadsoul Tribe, well, actually Devon Graves aka Buddy Lackey is American.

Strangely Australia and Denmark don't seem to have any great prog groups presently, and neither Italy, although they're trying hard and therefore also probably will get there soon.

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Wow, that is going to take a while to get through that. I have about 800 CD's.  :o

Will get back to you on that. Must find the time to search through it.  ;)

PS> it's a nice idea btw.  :D
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And there I was thinking my 300 albums were a lot to go through ;D

I'll have a look when I have time... Somewhere next year... :o
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By alphabetical prophecy, Germany should be the next country in which prog blossoms.

What do I mean by that? OK, here follows: The nationalities of the greatest prog groups are American, British and Canadian. By self-designation, as before, German is Deutsch. Get it?

After that comes Espanol, so manana, manana. That's the big surprise!  ;D

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And so you want to meet God
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For some good reading visit:""Fluffy Kittens of DOOM"!

My drawings on MySpace