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Ladies and prog

Started by bellanova, Thu, 2007-05-24, 14:04:45

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I thought id start a new topic in answer to what Nicky said about ladies contributions in this forum. And i hasten to add, yes i am female!!

Well ive been into Arena since 2003 and seen them 3 times so far. hopefully 4 times after sunday.

I dicovered prog rock properly not until 2000 when my best mate introduced me to Asia. (Although i dont consider them to be progressive) But becuse of listening to them and loving John Wettons voice i got into his work in King Crimson and UK. I first saw him live with his band Qango and from that i dicovered John Young. Now anyone that doesnt know this guys work, take a look and listen at his website and hes also on Myspace too. Hes a brilliant musician and a lovely man too. If you like prog rock, you will love some of this guys work!!!

It was also through John Wetton that i met John Mitchell as he plays in JWs current band. Jm told me all about Arena and kindly put me on the guestlist for their Contagion gig in London in 2003. From knowing JM i discovered The Urbane, Kino and It Bites and of course Frost*.

Over the past few years i have discovered ELP and early Genesis, Jadis, Mostly Autumn, Uriah Heep and Porcupine Tree amongst others. I plan on listening to bands that you guys metion on here.

I dont why there are not many female progressive musicians around. Maybe its because you dont dance to prog music and alot of women feel the need to gyrate to a beat and wear litle or no clothes which although guys may wanna see that, they can see that at any time on tv or whatever. I think us prog fans want to be taken a little more seriously! lol!

Out of all the bands i like, Arena moves me most and i can identify with loads of their songs although probably not in the same way as Clive and co mean us to be moved. At this precise moment i can identify with Tears In the Rain but i wont go into that cos you will get very bored.


Thanks a lot, Bellanova! Great to get your experiences and perspectives into this forum. And many of the gentlemen here (young and old) will benefit from getting yanked at their Scantily Clad Radii Of The Ubiquitous Meniscus.

I actually hoped someone would start a topic with this subject matter, but I didn't want to do it myself, as I don't want my ego to get tooooooo (bought em from PH) big.

Well, maybe some of the other ladies might want to join in.


So you've come of age
And so you want to meet God
Sure you can
He's right here next to me


I'm not quite sure I'm in the right thread here because I never considered myself a big prog fan... until I first saw Arena, that is!  :)
Nevertheless, I'm very happy that their music over the years has grown "harder", as I'm really into that (hard) rock stuff.  *horns*

Most of the music I usually listen to is "normal" rock, including a lot of different styles covering anything from pop/rock to heavy metal, the latest addition to my favourites being my brother's new metal band (he actually introduced me to that kind of music; before that I thought most of it was just "awful noise" - no offense, John! ;)).