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It Bites - live album

Started by JJ II, Wed, 2007-04-04, 16:34:52

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Has anyone heard the new live-album by It Bites?

I think it RULEZ  :D

John's guitar-playing (Francis Who?) is top notch, John Beck's keyboard are brilliant and the vocal department is very well done, especially when you consider that John is a VERY different singer than Frank.

go to their site and support the boys by ordering it!!


Can't wait to hear it. I was out of the country when the short tour was on so missed that, but was glad to hear of the live album. I ordered it a week ago, but still waiting patiently ;)


I just ordered the new live album too. I found out about it on here so thanks guys! The december concert in London was just awesome and i cant wait til they tour again! *horns*


The CD arrived yesterday, and has now been played 5 times. Great musicianship as expected, and a very tight set of arrangements. I knew John's guirat skills were up to eth challenge, but the vocals are great too. The gigs must have been great. Roll on September and the Summers End Festival !