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Edge of Sanity - "Crimson II" and Nightingale - "I"

Started by Unicorn, Thu, 2007-03-08, 22:30:03

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Did you guys know that Clive wrote the lyrics for Dan Swanö's melodic Death Metal album  "Crimson II" from Edge of Sanity?

And he made some music and soundscapes on Dan Swanö's Nightingale - "I" album.
The track "Breathing" is an interpretation from the "nightfall overture" theme, which is to be found in the first three albums.

I'm a big Swanö-fan, and I discovered Arena through him :)


Crimson II... yes, I knew Clive was involved, that's why I tried that album...

And failed... ;D

It's totally nothing for me! ;)


Haha... it has nothing to do with Arena, but, believe me, it's a great album if you like that kind of music.

Nightingale is all with clean vocals, though. Hardrock/progrock, that direction.


Edge Of Sanity is actually okay. Crimson II is a heck of an album which i still listen to from time to time. Nightingale however isn't really my cup of tea.  :-\
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