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Caamora Project from / with Clive Nolan

Started by Proglady, Mon, 2006-08-14, 00:14:19

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I bought EP Closer. New songs sound good but my favorite is cover Half Moon Street. I don't know original version so I can't compare with but this new version has beautiful melody and atmosphere. Agneiszka has beautiful voice and is suitable for Clive's music. I think She will be interesting album.


A question to Mr. Clive Nolan...

being Portuguese, I'm pleased to see that Clive is coming back to play in the Gouveia Art Rock Festival, the only event in Portugal organized around this kind of music, much to my grief...
...given your previous experience here with Arena, may I ask what were your impressions about the event, the public, and so on?

Thanks in advance...

Lake of despond

I saw that clip on YouTube as well, it's fantastic song!! As only Clive can do it, so melodic and theatrical, can't wait for the full album...


There is going to be a New EP by Caamora and the Titel is Walk On Water and I think it will be leleased by Metal Mind Production at 18th June 2007.

You can listen to one Song at the MySpace Site of Metal Mind Production


Thanks for the link, proglady.  8)

Like what i hear. Good melody with good singing.  *horns*
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Same song as on skeletons but a different version. Wonder wether it will be on the She project.


No... Walk on Water will NOT appear on the She album. Most of the single wont be on the album. It's just another side of the Caamora output....


Okay, sounds interesting. Good to hear this oldie revisited, by the way.

Could you give us some more info already? What kind of songs do you have, how much music has been written, do you have your line-up complete now, etc...?