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Started by anpedroguerreiro, Tue, 2005-09-13, 20:21:21

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                hello , i´m from  portugal  and  i  would  like  to   share  with  you  out  there  who is  my  favourite  band´s :  arena of course , marillion, fish , enchant , from  portugal  forgotten sons , camel , genesis , pallas , rick wakeman , pendragon , ayreon , iq , saga , yes , asia , spokes beard , flowers king , triunvirat , emerson lake and palmer , transatlantic , manfred mann´s earth band...and many more . if you  never  ever  heard  anything  from  this  bands  just  try  and  will not  regreat .

                    from  portugal  all  the  best  to you

                                    pedro guerreiro