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Started by Gollum, Tue, 2005-01-25, 00:02:50

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My most listened bands, alphabetically (incuding favourite album):

Arena (seems pointless to say it here :P)  --> The Visitor / Immortal? / Contagion
Fish  --> Internal Exile
Genesis (untill '84) --> Selling England By The Pound / The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway
Los 7 Delfines   --> Aventura
Marillion (basically, untill '96) --> Brave / Misplaced Childhood / Clutching At Straws
Pendragon --> The Window Of Life / The Masquerade Overture
Pink Floyd --> Meddle / The Final Cut / The Division Bell
Queen  --> Queen II
Rush  --> Roll The Bones / Moving Pictures
U2  --> The Unforgettable Fire / The Joshua Tree
Yes  --> Tales from Topographic oceans
La vergüenza de haber sido y el dolor de ya no ser