Author Topic: Mick Pointer Band - Script 'Revisualised' DVD release  (Read 2388 times)

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Mick Pointer Band - Script 'Revisualised' DVD release
« on: Wed, 2016-09-21, 15:39:52 »
The Mick Pointer Band is releasing a live DVD entitled "Script Revisualised" on October 21st 2016.  The DVD is available for pre-order from the Arena website.  All pre-orders will be signed by Mick Pointer and will be shipped 2 weeks before the official release date of 21st October. 

The DVD was filmed during the performance at the Boerderij , Zoetermeer, NL on April 16th 2016 and features Mick Pointer on drums, Brian Cummins on Vocals, Nick Barrett on Guitar, Ian Salmon on Bass and Mike Varty on Keyboards.


Script for a Jesters Tear
He Knows, You Know
The Web
Garden Party
Chelsea Monday
Forgotten Sons
Three Boats Down From the Candy
Charting the Single
Market Square Heroes

Artwork by Planet Twig

We stare at our screens
All our lives
What a waste of eyes..