Author Topic: Live on April 3rd 2015 - Chez Paulette (FR)  (Read 4548 times)

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Live on April 3rd 2015 - Chez Paulette (FR)
« on: Thu, 2015-04-09, 16:28:50 »
Hi Everyone,

I saw the guys live as mentionned on the sujet line.

I was right in front of John Mitchell (what a guitar player!).  ;)

It was a great show. The audience was about 200. The newbie, Kylan, is a great bass player (the best in Arena?).  *horns* He's also a gentleman.

This is an anniversary tour, so they picked in every album to make an unforgiving performance. Okay, They could have played tracks from the 2 first albums, but... they played goodies from The Visitor, Immortal, Contagion, Paper Ghost, Seven.. and of course from the new album.  8)

The monument to this show : Moviedrome !!! The song was introduced with a lot of humour by Clive.  *horns* *horns* *horns*

Hope you'll see them on tour !!!