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Jabberwocky and Baskerville albums

Started by cabo, Wed, 2010-04-28, 23:24:52

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Where can i buy these albums of Clive Nolan? I have looked in the Verglas store.

erik states:

QuoteTo purchase music featuring Clive Nolan, please go to these places:

For Arena and Shadowland, go to the Verglas Store
For Pendragon, go to the Toff Records store
For Caamora and Clive Nolan solo releases, go to the Caamora shop

I think the Nolan/Wakeman albums are currently out of print and it's not likely they will be rereleased by Verglas, these releases weren't quite profitable for Verglas. Metal Mind Music may be in for it, as they did with the Shadowland albums, if there's enough popular demand?

The Caamora shop is currently closed by the way.
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