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Arena Discography

Started by barry, Mon, 2008-02-25, 13:56:01

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hi there fellows! I'm a new one in The Shattered Room and I'm looking for a complete discography of Arena. what I mean is: all their releases (incl. LPs, EPs, live, DVDs, compilations, singles and whatever stuff considered official) in correct order, with exact dates and complete tracklisting of each release (incl. japanese or re-release bonus tracks, if there are any). the point is that it's hard to find such an ultimate source of information considering this band. even the official Arena site does not provide a chronologically ordered discography, nor does, let alone for instance, in 2003 they released 'Caught In The Act' DVD, 'Contagious', 'Radiance' and 'Contagium' EPs, but the accurate dates are nowhere to be found. let's make it clear and supplement what's missing:).


Hi Barry,

Your best bet would be to check out the Arena bio  (The Salt and the Sand) - covers everything upto Pepper's Ghost (version 1.0 available as pdf) discography at end -

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yeah, that's it. thanks dude!

Draco chimera

Thanks ;DThat's great to see every song recorded by Arena. *horns*
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Songs From The Lions Cage/Songs From The Lion's Cage/Songs From The Lions' Cage. which version is the correct one?


I love your attention to detal!

The correct one is "Songs from the lions cage". No ´ in sight. ;)


Quote from: Deenfan on Fri, 2008-03-21, 16:25:40
No ´ in sight. ;)

No, that was Frank Zappa  ;D

Quote from: Deenfan on Fri, 2008-03-21, 16:25:40
I love your attention to detal!

And I love your lack of it, Deenie  ;)

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Ha! The picky one is being pickied! :D That I have lived the day to witness this! ;D
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 :-[  Of all places to be sloppy...

>:( My attention to detail, and the dedication to the same, is so enormous that if I become aware that, say it should be a ´ or indeed of course a ' (most proper!!) in this title, and I had mentioned the album on the net and in different files on my machine, I would not rest until I had modified all my messages and edited all the files to make it right. It is not possible to let a mistake stand. It is by it's nature wrong! :'(

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