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Moviedrome thingie ...

Started by StarDuster, Wed, 2005-11-23, 20:18:58

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Hello, some interesting stuff here, I think (I hope..)

I'm a bit of a star wars fan, well anyway, I was playing Jedi Knight II while listening to Moviedrome, and suddenly the next lyrics strike me:

"I'm sitting with my head in the radiogram
Waiting for some sign of a ghost or a little green man"

People who know Star Wars a bit already know what I'm talking about  ;D
(Ghost - like Obi Wan, little green man - like Yoda ..  ;) ).

Is it a mere coincidence or is Clive a bit of a SW fan himself ? It would be nice to get the answer from a first source if you know what I mean  :D


Obviously, this is hinting at The Lord of the Rings. Ghost being Gandalf the White, a little green man being either a goblin midget or a sick hobbit...

Sorry! I'm being silly...


A fart and snot.

Really, it makes sense.



I'm being laughed at ... COOL


Laughter is a positive thing!


For the one who's being laughed at too ?


You complicate things now!!! >:(