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Tim Bisley

Started by oddball, Sun, 2005-07-24, 17:53:03

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The comic strips that come with Pepper's Ghost are credited to a Tim Bisley. I don't know if that's a real name or a nick. But I find the drawings rather nice,  I would like to see more of it. Does anybody out there know more about this guy and his work?
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It is a nickname, David Wyatt did the comics. Tim Bisley is a wannabe comic book illustrator in the cult comedy series Spaced. David allways wanted to be a comic book artist but abandoned it because he thought he was not good enough at it - he got a new go at it with Pepper's Ghost and turns out he IS good at it! Check his official site for more of his work.
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Nice, although he still is at 'Contagion' stage on his website. The wallpaper of the day is very nice, too..
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His website really is quite nice! He definitely is not without talent  :)  Still I like the 'Pepper's Ghost' artwork most. Those comic strips are darker, denser, more focussed than the fantasy pix. He really should do comic books!
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