Author Topic: Now Drinking/Eating Thread  (Read 166721 times)

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Re: Now Drinking/Eating Thread
« Reply #1850 on: Fri, 2017-05-12, 19:48:10 »
I'm staying at an all inclusive 5 star hotel until Monday and I'm planning to be an expert on cocktails!
Wow, enjoy :).

A cup of milk. Sometimes you have to drink something healthy ;).
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Re: Now Drinking/Eating Thread
« Reply #1851 on: Fri, 2017-05-12, 23:03:25 »
Wow, enjoy :).

Thank you Teunis, I will.
This is my first stay at such a luxury hotel and I have to say, it has a certain charm to it. Every member of the 'crew' (they are very nice!!) is treating me as a prince and I can eat and drink as much as I want.
It's so far from what I'm being used to. So it also feels a bit uneasy at times. I'm just a simple guy, you know...

I even think that after one week I'll probably be glad it's over. I'm staying at the Greek island Crete, and it's a pretty nice island, but there's tourists everywhere. And every small village has thirteen restaurants and sixteen cafe's. The people over here in the hotel were surprised when I told them that I went for a hike in the mountains. Most of these tourists are staying three weeks in the hotel and never leave the building... Just sitting by the pool and drinking alcohol all day long...

For me, boredom is setting in quite quickly. Give me a camping in the rainy Lake District in England anytime (love that place!).

But alright, the sun is veeeeeeery nice too! ;) And the cocktails!