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Off Topic / Re: Your latest cd or DVD purchase
« Last post by Teunis on Fri, 2017-06-09, 15:10:20 »
Just bought Anathema's new album 'The Optimist'.
Off Topic / Re: Now watching
« Last post by PH on Mon, 2017-06-05, 09:19:36 »
Daredevil, Iron Fist, Johnny Cage, The 100, 3%....
I want to watch them all! :)

I think you mean Luke Cage, since Johnny Cage seems to be a character from the Mortal Kombat fighting game franchise.
So how are those Marvel superheroes tv series? They are all connected to each other right? If I want to check it out, where should I start?

The 100, I've seen a couple of episodes. It was alright, I might check it out again.
And what is 3% about?

At the moment I'm not really following any series on Netflix. Waiting for the new Star Trek series and now it's just paying each month without seeing much, actually.
Off Topic / Re: Now watching
« Last post by maddox on Sun, 2017-06-04, 22:08:52 »
Netflix is bliss.
Somewhat addicted to it.
Daredevil, Iron Fist, Johnny Cage, The 100, 3%....
I want to watch them all! :)
Off Topic / Re: How do you feel right now?
« Last post by maddox on Sun, 2017-06-04, 22:07:15 »
After the recent events in nearby Manchester and having taken my eldest to his first concert last Friday I feel profound sadness as such a senseless loss of life. Children being killed for the "sin/crime" of attending a concert is deplorable.

I understand how you feel, and I'm too very sad about these events.
Yesterday it happend again, makes me wonder when will it stop but at the same time I feel it's hypocritical that the western media is making such a big event out of this.
Such attacks, which most of the times are even worse than the attacks in Manchester, London or where ever in the western world, are almost daily routine in the middle east.
Remember that most of the victims of these terrorists attacks, are muslims.
But those attacks are considered as page-two news.
Don't get me wrong, what happend in the UK is dreadful, but not more dreadful because it happend in the UK. It happens everywhere in the world.  :'( :'( :'(

Off Topic / Re: Now Playing Thread
« Last post by Nicky007 on Mon, 2017-05-29, 21:37:50 »
I've been listening a lot to Periphery lately. I was so fortunate as to see them live at Pumpehuset in Copenhagen a month ago, and it was GREAT.

I often think of the DT-tour some six years ago. Periphery were second billing. I had actually never heard of Periphery before, altho they had made a bit of a name for themselves in the States, among progmetal fans.

The DT-concert, and even more the Periphery-concert, were poor in terms of sound quality, as the planned concert hall KB-hallen had burned down, and they had moved the concerts to a concrete gymnasium (sports hall). It was of course great to see the DT-guys anyway, but it was a sad introduction to Periphery. The group has three guitarists, including 8-string guitars, and a singer, bassist, and drummer, all very lively. Fans who had listened properly to the group would have been able to hear patterns, but for us who were new to the group and sitting at a distance it all drowned in noise.

Even so, I followed up on them and realised that they were real upfront, and on a stellar trajectory.

At the concert a month ago they were headlining, and I was told that the tour with DT was the last where they had not headlined.

So it was really symbolic, like DT passing over the torch to Periphery. For some twenty years, beginning with Images and Words, DT had been the flagship of progmetal. They had really done it well, all respect. Their weak point, as we know, was James LaBrie, who sings well, but very straight and undramatic. Periphery's Spencer Sotelo is very different, he sings all styles, switches seamlessly, pushes limits constantly, and has an amazing stage presence.

Petrucci had pushed the DT-format to its limits, and now DT has a stable fanbase of some millions, and has become a household item among people who are more or less progressive. DT have struggled, succeeded amazingly, and can now rest on their laurels, pretty much. I don't expect to see them blow our minds again.

Periphery are now the ones who are taking us to the stars *horns*

- Nicky
Off Topic / Re: Your latest cd or DVD purchase
« Last post by Nicky007 on Mon, 2017-05-29, 21:37:17 »
Please tell me I did the right thing...

The only thing that really interests me here is:

Pain Of Salvation - "In The Passing Light Of Day"

unless you can give me a warm recommendation - according to my taste, Paxi.

- Nicky
Off Topic / Re: Now Playing Thread
« Last post by PH on Mon, 2017-05-29, 16:40:48 »
Ray Wilson - "Makes Me think Of Home"

And again.

Also listened to:

Spock's Beard - "Day For Night"
Neal Morse - "It's Not Too Late"
Yes - "Talk"

Yes, I'm a bit at the pop spectrum of prog at the moment.
Off Topic / Re: Now Playing Thread
« Last post by PH on Sun, 2017-05-28, 16:57:44 »
Ray Wilson - "Makes Me think Of Home"

Six tracks in and I'm enjoying it a lot!
Off Topic / Re: Now Playing Thread
« Last post by Teunis on Sun, 2017-05-28, 14:31:13 »
Riverside - Shrine Of New Generation Slaves  *horns*
Off Topic / Re: Now watching
« Last post by PH on Fri, 2017-05-26, 18:05:25 »
I've been watching Prison Break. Anyone seen this series? I've finished the fourth season, and sort of glad it's over. The last twelve (or so) episodes were a total stretch.
A fifth season is airing now, and I'll probably go see it, but not immediately...

Also, I watched the first disc of the "Morsefest! 2015" Blu-Ray.
Two of my favourite Morse albums ("?" and "Sola Scriptura") played live. I was really moved a couple times. I was really surprised by the Question Mark Overture, because the actual album doesn't have one. And it's a good one!

I've only just seen the first disc, but it's weekend now, so there should be time for the second disc!
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